Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

Radicaux irréguliers au futur et au conditionnel

All regular French verbs and many irregular ones use their infinitives as future and conditional stems. But of course there are always exceptions – here are the few dozen verbs with irregular stems.

Stem-changing verbs

Stem-changing verbs have the same stem change in their future and conditional stems:

Similar verbs
appeler appeller- épeler, rappeler, renouveler
appuyer appuier- ennuyer, essuyer
employer emploier- nettoyer, noyer, tutoyer, etc.
essayer* essaier- balayer, effrayer, payer
gérer* gèrer célébrer, espérer, préférer, etc.
jeter jetter- feuilleter, hoqueter, projeter, rejeter
lever lèver- acheter, achever, mener, etc.

*The future and conditional stem change is optional for these two types of stem-changing verbs.

Irregular verbs

About 20 French verbs have irregular future and conditional stems:

Similar verbs
acquérir acquerr- conquérir, s’enquérir
aller ir-
avoir aur-
courir courr- concourir, discourir, parcourir, etc.
devoir devr-
envoyer enverr- renvoyer
être ser-
faire fer-
falloir faudr-
pleuvoir pleuvr-
pouvoir pourr-
savoir saur-
valoir vaudr-
venir viendr- devenir, tenir, obtenir, etc.
voir verr- revoir
vouloir voudr-

  Conseil concis

No matter the verb, whether regular, irregular, or stem-changing, the future / conditional stem always ends in -r.

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