Conditional Mood Conjugations

French conditional
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Conjugaisons du conditionnel

French conditional conjugations are, along with the future, the easiest in the entire language. Regular verbs and the majority of irregular verbs use their infinitives as the conditional stem, and there is a single set of conditional endings for all verbs.

  • For -er and -ir verbs, add the conditional ending to the infinitive.
  • For -re verbs, remove the final -e from the infinitive before adding the conditional endings.
  • For stem-changing and the few irregular conditional verbs, add the conditional ending to the irregular conditional stem.

Par exemple…

Here are the conditional conjugations for the regular verbs aimer (to like), choisir (to choose), and rendre (to return); the stem-changing verb lever (to lift), and the irregular verb être (to be):

PronounEndingaimer > aimerchoisir > choisirrendre > rendrlever > lèverêtre > ser
 je -aisaimeraischoisiraisrendraislèveraisserais
 tu -aisaimeraischoisiraisrendraislèveraisserais
 il -aitaimeraitchoisiraitrendraitlèveraitserait
 nous -ionsaimerionschoisirionsrendrionslèverionsserions
 vous -iezaimeriezchoisiriezrendriezlèveriezseriez
 ils -aientaimeraientchoisiraientrendraientlèveraientseraient

  French conditional stems are identical to future stems.

Conditional endings are identical to imperfect endings.

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French conditional
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