Regular -re Verbs

Regular French verbs
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Verbes du troisième groupe*

There are several dozen regular French verbs that end in -re, sometimes called -dre verbs. To conjugate them, remove the infinitive ending and then add one of the following verb endings:

je-s nous  -ons
tu-s vous-ez
il ils-ent

Par exemple…

perdre (to lose)

jeperds nous  perdons
tuperds vousperdez
il/elle/onperd ils/ellesperdent

Common regular -re verbs

attendre to wait (for)
confondre to confuse
correspondre to correspond
défendre to defend
dépendre to depend
descendre to descend
entendre to hear, to understand
étendre to stretch
fondre to melt
mordre to bite
pendre to hang, suspend
perdre to lose
prétendre to claim
rendre to give back, to return
répandre to spread, to scatter
répondre to answer
suspendre to suspend
tordre to twist
vendre to sell

* According to French grammarians, there is no such thing as regular -re verbs. All verbs that end in -re, including the ones defined here as regular, are lumped together with irregular verbs under the heading verbes du troisième groupe.

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French regular -re verbs

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