Penser – to think

Penser - to think
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Thinking French Verb

The regular -er verb penser, "to think," is ubiquitous and very useful, but can also be a little tricky when it comes to prepositions.

Penser = to think

Penser is used just like "to think."

Par exemple…

Je pense, donc je suis. I think, therefore I am.
Il pense que tu as raison. He thinks you’re right.
Pensez-vous qu’elle le sache ? Do you think she knows?

 Penser que + indicative or subjunctive?

Penser + infinitive

Penser followed directly by an infinitive means "to intend / plan to" or "to hope to":

Je pense partir avant la fin. I’m planning to leave before the end.
Nous pensons voyager cet été. We’re hoping to travel this summer.

Penser à

In front of a noun, penser à means "to think about" as in "to consider, have on one’s mind":

Je pense à mes enfants. I’m thinking about my children.
Nous pensons à Paris pour cet été. We’re thinking about Paris for this summer, thinking about going to Paris this summer.

The noun may be implied:

À quoi tu penses ? What are you thinking about?
Pensez-y. Think about it, Consider it.

 Remember: à + noun can be replaced by the adverbial pronoun y.

Penser à plus an infinitive means "to have in mind to" or "to remember to":

Je pense à partir avant la fin. I’m considering leaving before the end.
Pense à acheter les billets. Remember to buy the tickets.

Penser de

With a noun, penser de means "to think about" in the sense of "having an opinion on":

Qu’est-ce que tu penses de ce livre ? What do you think about this book?
Nous ne savons pas ce qu’il pense de Paris. We don’t know what he thinks about Paris.

 Remember: de + noun can be replaced by the adverbial pronoun en.

Qu’en pensez-vous ? What do you think (about it)?
Je me demande ce qu’elle en pense. I wonder what she thinks about it.

Penser de plus an infinitive means "to have an opinion about doing" or "to consider doing":

Qu’est-ce que tu penses de partir tôt ? What do you think / How do you feel about leaving early?
Nous pensons d’aller à Paris cet été. We’re thinking about going to Paris this summer.

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French verb penser

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