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French expressions with penser
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The French verb penser, “to think,” is found in many idiomatic expressions, including a way of thinking, one-track mind, and you must be joking. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring penser.

Penser translations

  • to think
  • to think about
  • to consider
  • to have on one’s mind
  • to hope to
  • to intend to

Penser expressions

penser à to think about, have in mind; to think of, remember
penser à l’avenir to think of the future
penser à tout to think of everything
penser aux conséquences to think of the consequences
penser au danger to think about / consider the danger
penser de to think about, have an opinion on
penser du bien de to have a high opinion about
penser du mal de to have a low opinion about
penser faire to think about, consider doing
penser le plus grande bien de to think very highly of
penser tout haut to think out loud
À quoi penses-tu / pensez-vous ? What are you thinking about?
Ça ne vaut pas la peine d’y penser. It’s not worth thinking about.
C’est bien ce que je pensais ! Just what I thought! That’s what I thought!
C’est bien pensé. It’s well thought out.
C’est fortement pensé. It’s well thought out.
Elle ne pense qu’à ça.(informal) She has a one-track mind.
faire qqun penser à to make someone think of / remind someone of
Fais / Faites m’y penser. Remind me about that, Don’t let me forget that.
Honi soit qui mal y pense Shame on anyone who thinks evil of it, This person has hidden evil intentions
Il ne pense qu’à ça.(informal) He has a one-track mind.
Il suffit d’y penser. It’s just a matter of thinking about it.
J’ai bien autre chose à penser.(informal) I have other things on my mind.
Je pense bien I think so
Je pense comme toi / vous. I agree with you.
Je pense, donc je suis. I think, therefore I am.
Je pense que non I don’t think so, I think not.
Je pense que oui I think so.
Je pense que si I think so (in reponse to a negative)
Mais j’y pense … I just remembered …
Penses-tu ! Pensez-vous ! You must be joking!
Penses-y / Pensez-y avant de … Think about it before …
Que penses-tu / pensez-vous de … ? What do you think,  How do you feel about … ?
Qu’est-ce que tu en penses ? What do you think (about it)?
Qu’en pensez-vous ? What do you think (about it)?
Tout laisse à penser que… There is every indication that…
Tu penses ! Vous pensez ! Not likely!
Tu penses que je vais … !(informal) You bet I’m going to … !
Tu penses / Vous pensez bien que … You can imagine that, As you’d expect …
Tu vois à qui / quoi je pense ? You see whom / What I’m thinking of?
une façon de penser a way of thinking
la machine à penser thinking machine
un maître à penser intellectual leader
quelque chose qui donne à penser something that gives you food for thought, something to think about
quelque chose qui laisse à penser something that gives you food for thought, something to think about

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French expressions with penser

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