Nouns and Adjectives: Irregular Plurals

Noms et adjectifs : Pluriels irréguliers

French adjectives and nouns
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Most French nouns and adjectives become plural with the addition of -s, but of course there are exceptions. The plurals of irregular nouns and adjectives require an -x instead, and may also need other spelling changes, depending on the last several letters of the word.

      Par exemple…
ail > aux  
un bail
des baux
(noun) lease(s)
al > aux  
un animal des animaux (noun) animal(s)
(adj) ideal
au > aux  
un tuyau des tuyaux (noun) tip(s), hint(s)
(adj) Eskimo
eau > eaux  
un bateau des bateaux (noun) boat(s)
(adj) new
eu > eux  
un jeu des jeux (noun) game(s)
ou > oux  
un bijou des bijoux (noun) jewel(s)

 French nouns and adjectives

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French irregular adjectives and nouns

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