Adjectifs qui ne le sont pas

French non-adjectives
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Adjectives comprise one of the eight French parts of speech, but certain members of other grammatical categories can sometimes be used as adjectives. These "non-adjectives" are invariable: there’s no gender/number agreement with the nouns they modify.

There are four types of non-adjective adjectives.

1) Adverbs used as adjectives

As far as I know, this is the complete list of French adverbs that can be used as adjectives:

allegro allegro (quick, lively tempo)
arrière back, rear
avant front
bien nice, decent
debout standing, up
incognito incognito
mal wrong, bad, sick, uncomfortable

2) Prefixes used as adjectives

Five French prefixes are used as adjectives:

extra  great, first-rate, top-quality
hyper excessive, to a very high degree
maxi maximum, long
mini small
super great, terrific

3) Nouns used as adjectives

Many nouns can be used as adjectives; here are just a few examples.

les opérations escargot rolling blockades
l’entrée est / nord / ouest / sud  east / north / west / south entrance
les mères gâteau soft/indulgent mothers
une tarte maison homemade pie
des chaussures sport athletic shoes
les comptes utilisateur user accounts
les câbles vidéo video cables
les sites Web websites

4) Noun clauses used as adjectives

Like all of the above, noun clauses do not agree with the nouns they are "adjectiving" for*

une voiture bon marché a cheap car
ils sont de bonne humeur they’re in a good mood
elles sont trop collet monté they’re too straight-laced
les ascenseurs hors service out-of-service elevators
les soi-disant victimes alleged victims

 * But there is agreement within the noun clause – note that in the second example, bonne is feminine to agree with its noun humeur.

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French non-adjectives

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