The vulgar French word merde means more than meets the eye. Marion Cotillard explains why to Stephen Colbert.


Number Practice

French number practice
Numbers are one of the most basic and essential aspects of language, and at times one of the most confounding. Trying to make sense of numbers being rattled off in the form of prices, phone numbers, and dates can be extremely frustrating. This selection of lessons and exercises will help you learn, remember, and understand French numbers of all kinds. And to make it more fun, I've included some comics!

One Third Stories

One third French stories
One Third Stories is a monthly box subscription with a language-learning twist. Each month features a story that starts out in English, then gradually adds French words until by the end, the entire story is in French.


Pick-Up Lines

French pick-up lines
Whether romantic, flattering, sexy, practical, or just plain cheesy, pick-up lines, aka chat-up lines, can be big part of the dating scene. Here are some classic and creative French pick-up lines.





French texting abbreviations
There are many varieties of French, but perhaps one of the most elusive is French texting: the bewildering assortment of abbreviations, acronyms, and even symbols used in email, text messaging (SMS), social media, chatrooms, and forums.


Tongue Twisters

French tongue twistersThink you've mastered French pronunciation? See how well you can twist your tongue around some virelangues. Repeat these alliterative and/or rhyming and/or confusing phrases as quickly as possible to put your French pronunciation to a test that even native speakers have trouble with.



Zodiac Signs

French signs of the zodiac
Whether you are really into astrology, enjoy reading your horoscope for a bit of fun, or just want to be able to ask and answer that classic pick-up line, this page on signs of the zodiac can help.