Verbs with en

French verbs requiring a preposition

French verbs with prepositions
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A number of French verbs require the preposition en in front of a noun.

agir en   to act like/as
arranger en   to arrange, set up as
avoir confiance en   to trust
casser en (morceaux, quatre)   to break in(to) (pieces, four)
changer en   to change into
convertir en   to convert into
couper en (deux, trois)   to cut in (two, three pieces)
croire en   to believe in
dĂ©gĂ©nĂ©rer en   to degenerate into
se dĂ©guiser en   to disguise oneself as
Ă©crire en (français, caractères)   to write (in French, block letters)
Ă©riger en   to set up as
s’habiller en   to dress in
mesurer en (mètres, litres)   to measure in (meters, liters)
se mettre en colère
se mettre en route
  to get mad
to set out, get going
partir en (guerre, voyage)
partir en (voiture, train)
  to leave for (war, a trip)
to leave by/in (car, train)
peindre en   to paint in/with
rĂ©duire en   to reduce to
traduire en (français, anglais)   to translate into (French, English)
transformer en   to change into
se vendre en (bouteilles, boĂ®tes)   to be sold in (bottles, cans)
voyager en (train, taxi)   to travel by (train, taxi)

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French verbs with en

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