Expressions with plus

French expressions with plus
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The French word plus has several different meanings and is found in many useful expressions, including all the more reason, me neither, and to be quick off the mark. Learn these plus many more French expressions featuring plus.

 Plus pronunciation

As explained in the lesson on plus, the word has three different pronunciations, indicated in the second column below with IPA:

  • [s]
  • [z] (liaison)
  • [ ] (silent)
  • (s) means [s] pronunciation is optional

Expressions with plus

au plus [s]   at most, at the most
d’autant plus [s]   all the more reason
de plus [s]   more, additional, in addition
de plus en plus [z] [ ]   more and more, __er and __er
en plus [s]   extra
en plus de [ ]   on top of, in addition to
… et plus [s]   … and more / over / older
une fois de plus [s]   once more
J’en peux plus ! [ ]   I can’t take any more!
moi non plus [ ]   me neither, neither do I
ne … plus que [ ]   only, nothing but
… n’est plus. [ ]   … has passed away.
ni plus ni moins [ ]   not more no less
plus + adverb [ ]   more, __er  (comparative)
le plus + adverb [ ]   the most, the __est  (superlative)
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose [ ] [ ]   The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Plus fait douceur que violence. [ ]   Kindness succeeds where force will fail.
plus grand commun diviseur [ ]   highest common denominator
plus jamais [ ]   never again
Plus on est de fous, plus on rit. [z]   The more, the merrier.
plus ou moins [z]   more or less, about
plus petit commun diviseur [ ]   lowest common denominator
plus que jamais (s)   more than ever
qui plus est [z]   what’s more, furthermore
tant et plus de [ ]   so many, so much
tirer plus vite que son ombre [ ]   to be quick off the mark, to move at lightning speed
tout au plus [s]   at the very most

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Plus - French expressions

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