Moi non plus

Moi non plus
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Essential French Expression

Meaningneither do I, me neither, me either
Literallyme no more
Pronunciation [mwah no(n) plu]
IPA  [mwa nɔ̃ ply]

Usage notes: Moi non plus is the opposite of moi aussi. They both agree with what someone just said, but moi aussi (me too) agrees with an affirmative statement, while moi non plus (me neither) agrees with a negative statement.

Par exemple…

– Je n’aime ce film.
– Moi non plus.
 – I don’t like this movie.
– Me neither.
– Je n’aime pas ce livre.
– Moi non plus.
 – I don’t like this book.
– Neither do I.

The stressed pronoun moi can be replaced with any other stressed pronoun to indicate another person’s agreement with a negative statement.

toi non plus neither do you, you either
lui non plus neither does he, him either
elle non plus neither does she, her either
nous non plus neither do we, us either
vous non plus neither do you, you either
eux non plus neither do they, them either
elles non plus neither do they, them either

Par exemple…

– Il n’aime pas ce film.
– Nous non plus.
 – He doesn’t like this movie.
– Neither do we.
– Elle n’aime pas ce livre.
– Eux non plus.
 – She doesn’t like this book.
– Them either.

The stressed pronoun can also be replaced with a noun or name:

le conducteur non plus neither does the driver, the driver doesn’t either
les enfants non plus neither do my kids, my kids don’t either
Claire non plus neither does Claire, Claire doesn’t either
Jean et Marc non plus neither do Jean and Marc, Jean and Marc don’t either

Par exemple…

– Ma fille n’aime pas ce jeu.
– Mes enfants non plus.
 – My daughter doesn’t like this game.
– Neither do my kids.
– Je ne veux pas y aller.
– Isabelle non plus.
 – I don’t want to go.
– Neither does Isabelle.

Non plus can be used as a standalone response:

– Je ne veux pas y aller.
– Et Thomas ?
– Non plus.
 – I don’t want to go.
– And Thomas? What about Thomas?
– Him either (he doesn’t want to go either).

Or as a negative adverb (with ne …) to make a negative statement:

Nous n’aimons pas ce jeu non plus. We don’t like this game either.
Il ne veut pas y aller non plus. He doesn’t want to go either.

 Je t’aime, moi non plus

Serge Gainsbourg’s odd song title was inspired by a Salvador Dalí comment: “Picasso est espagnol, moi aussi. Picasso est un génie, moi aussi. Picasso est communiste, moi non plus.”

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Moi non plus

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