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Aller - French verb to go
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French Phrases to Go

The French verb aller, “to go,” is found in many idiomatic expressions, including to suit, to fetch, and to go without saying. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring aller.

aller + infinitive (near future)   to be going to (do something)
aller à la pêche   to go fishing
aller à la rencontre de quelqu’un   to go meet someone
aller à pied   to go on foot
aller à quelqu’un   to be becoming, to suit
aller au-devant de quelqu’un   to go meet someone
aller au fond des choses   to get to the bottom of things
aller aux renseignements   to go find out the news
aller aux nouvelles   to go find out the news
aller avec quelque chose   to match something
aller chercher   to get, to fetch
aller de pair avec   to go hand in hand with
aller en voiture   to ride in a car
aller et venir   to come and go, to pace
aller sans dire   to go without saying
aller sur ses ___ ans   to be going on ___
un aller (simple)   one-way ticket
un aller-retour   round-trip ticket, return ticket
allez (filler)   come on, let’s go
Allez les Bleus !   Go French team!
Allez-y !   Go ahead!
Allons donc !   Oh come on! You’ve got to be kidding!
Allons-y !   Let’s go!
Ça va ? (greetings)   How are you?
Ça va. (greetings)   I’m fine.
Ça va, ça vient.   You win some, you lose some; Easy come, easy go.
Ça va sans dire.   That’s obvious, That goes without saying.
Cela va de soi.   That’s self-evident, That goes without saying
Comment allez-vous ? (greetings)   How are you?
Comment vas-tu ? (greetings)   How are you?
Non mais ça va pas (la tête) ! (informal)   You’re crazy!
On y va ? (informal)   Shall we go? Wanna go?
On y va ! (informal)   Let’s go!
Où allons-nous ?   What are things coming to? What’s going to happen?
s’en aller   to go away
Va t’en ! (informal)   Go away!

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French expressions with aller

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