Allons-y !

Imperative French Expression

Allons-y !
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MeaningLet’s go
PronunciationFrench sound files [ah lo(n) zee]
IPA  [a lɔ̃ zi]

Usage notes: Allons-y, the nous imperative of aller (to go) followed by the obligatory adverbial pronoun y, is used just like "let’s go": to signal that it’s time to leave and/or to announce the start of a new activity.

Par exemple…

Notre réservation est à 19h00, allons-y. Our reservation is for 7pm, let’s go.
J’ai vu un joli parc près de la banque, allons-y. I saw a nice park near the bank, let’s go (there).
Tu veux suivre des cours de salsa ? Moi aussi, allons-y ! You want to take salsa classes? Me too, let’s go / let’s do it!
Vous avez fini ? Allons-y ! Are you done? Let’s go!

Informal variation: Allons-y, Alonso – equivalent to "Let’s go, Daddy-o." Alonso isn’t a real person, but just a fun name to add because the first two syllables are the same as in allons.

Misspelling: allonze

Synonymous expressions

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Allons-y !

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