Transportation in French
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Les transports

Trains, planes, and automobiles … and buses and shuttles and, well, just take a look at this list of French vocabulary related to transportation.

airplane   l’avion (m)
airport   l’aéroport (m)
boat   le bateau
bus   l’autobus (m), le car
bus station   la gare routière
bus stop   l’arrêt (m) de bus
car   la voiture
carpooling, ride-sharing   le covoiturage
ferry   le ferry
four-wheel drive   le quatre-quatre
platform   le quai
port   le port
shuttle   la navette
subway   le métro
subway station   la gare / station de métro
taxi   le taxi
train   le train
train station   la gare

 Note that un car is "a bus," and "a car" is une voiture.


bus/subway ticket   le ticket
plane/train ticket   le billet
one-way ticket   le billet simple
round trip ticket   le billet aller-retour


Click for conjugations.

to be
   on time
   en avance
   à l’heure
   en retard
to come   venir
to go   aller
to run, be in service   assurer le service
to service   desservir
to take   prendre

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French transportation terms

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