Feelings in French
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Les sentiments

How are you feeling? Find out how to ask and answer this question in French.

Asking about someone’s feelings

To ask how a person feels, you need the verb se sentir (to feel) or aller (literally "to go," but used here idiomatically to mean "to be").

How do you feel?   Comment te sens-tu ?
How are you?   Comment vas-tu ?

Describing someone’s feelings

When describing someone’s mood, use ĂȘtre or se sentir and remember to make the adjective agree with the person’s gender.

I am …
He / She is …
  Je suis
Il est … /
Elle est
I feel …
He / She feels…
  Je me sens
Il se sent … /
Elle se sent
amazed   Ă©bahi Ă©bahie
angry   fĂąchĂ© fĂąchĂ©e
annoyed   ennuyĂ©, Ă©nervĂ© ennuyĂ©e, Ă©nervĂ©e
ashamed   honteux honteuse
bored   ennuyĂ© ennuyĂ©e
calm   tranquille tranquille
cheerful   gai gaie
confident   assurĂ© assurĂ©e
confused   dĂ©sorientĂ©, confus dĂ©sorientĂ©, confus
delighted   ravi ravie
depressed   dĂ©primĂ© dĂ©primĂ©e
distressed, sorry   navrĂ© navrĂ©e
embarrassed   confus, gĂȘnĂ© confuse, gĂȘnĂ©e
excited   emballĂ©  (informal) emballĂ©e
exhausted   Ă©puisĂ© Ă©puisĂ©e
frustrated   frustrĂ© frustrĂ©e
happy   heureux heureuse
horrified   horrifiĂ© horrifiĂ©e
hyper(active)   excitĂ©* excitĂ©e*
indifferent   indiffĂ©rent indiffĂ©rente
irritated   agacĂ© agacĂ©e
lonely   solitaire solitaire
nervous   nerveux nerveuse
pleased   content contente
rushed, in a hurry   pressĂ© pressĂ©e
sad   triste triste
scared   effrayĂ© effrayĂ©e
stunned   abasourdi abasourdie
surprised   surpris surprise
tired   fatiguĂ© fatiguĂ©e
unhappy   malheureux malheureuse
worried   inquiet inquiĂšte

  * This can also mean sexually aroused.

Expressions with all the feels

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Feelings in French

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