French personality terms
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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but friendliness is in the heart and kindness is in the soul. Check out this French vocabulary to learn how to describe someone’s personality.

Asking about someone’s personality

To ask what a person is like, you need the verb ĂŞtre (to be):

What is he like?   Comment est-il ?
What is she like?   Comment est-elle ?

Describing someone’s personality

When describing someone, use ĂŞtre and remember to make the adjective agree with the person’s gender.

He / She is…   Il est Elle est
boring   ennuyeux ennuyeuse
brave   courageux courageuse
cowardly   lâche lâche
cunning, shrewd   malin maline
friendly   amical amicale
funny   drĂ´le drĂ´le
hard-working   travailleur travailleuse
impatient   impatient impatiente
interesting   intĂ©ressant intĂ©ressante
kind   gentil gentille
lazy   paresseux paresseuse
mean   mĂ©chant mĂ©chante
naive   naĂŻf naĂŻve
nice   sympathique
open-minded   sans prĂ©jugĂ©s sans prĂ©jugĂ©s
outgoing   ouvert ouverte
patient   patient patiente
patriotic   patriotique patriotique
playful   taquin taquine
quirky   excentrique excentrique
serious   sĂ©rieux sĂ©rieuse
shy   timide timide
smart   intelligent intelligente
snobbish   snob snob
sophisticated   raffinĂ© raffinĂ©e
studious   studieux studieuse
stupid   stupide stupide
unfriendly   froid froide
well-behaved   sage sage

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Personality in French

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