French personality terms
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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but friendliness is in the heart and kindness is in the soul. Check out this French vocabulary to learn how to describe someone’s personality.

Asking about someone’s personality

To ask what a person is like, you need the verb être (to be):

What is he like? Comment est-il ?
What is she like? Comment est-elle ?

Describing someone’s personality

When describing someone, use être and remember to make the adjective agree with the person’s gender.

He / She is… Il estElle est
boring ennuyeuxennuyeuse
brave courageuxcourageuse
cowardly lâchelâche
cunning, shrewd malinmaline
friendly amicalamicale
funny drôledrôle
hard-working travailleurtravailleuse
impatient impatientimpatiente
interesting intéressantintéressante
kind gentilgentille
lazy paresseuxparesseuse
mean méchantméchante
naive naïfnaïve
nice sympathique
open-minded sans préjugéssans préjugés
outgoing ouvertouverte
patient patientpatiente
patriotic patriotiquepatriotique
playful taquintaquine
quirky excentriqueexcentrique
serious sérieuxsérieuse
shy timidetimide
smart intelligentintelligente
snobbish snobsnob
sophisticated raffinéraffinée
studious studieuxstudieuse
stupid stupidestupide
unfriendly froidfroide
well-behaved sagesage

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Personality in French

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