French aphereses
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French abbreviations

A few dozen French words have a shortened form called an apheresis or aphaeresis, which is created by dropping one or more syllables at the beginning of the word. Some of these are further modified by adding an extra sound to the end.

 Ă€ noter

  • Many aphereses are informal.
  • Words created by dropping syllables at the end of the word are called apocopes (and are much more common than aphereses)
Apheresis Register Short for Translation
Bastien (nickname) SĂ©bastien  
un blème (fam) un problème problem
un bougna
un bougnat
(archaic) un charbougnat coalman
un bouif (inf) un ribouis cobbler
un bus   un autobus bus
un car   un autocar bus
le centile   percentile percentile
un chandail   marchand d’ail thick sweater
‘ci (fam) merci thank you
un cipal (archaic) un garde municipal ~local police
Colas (nickname) Nicolas  
‘core   encore again, still
Drian (nickname) Adrian  
droper (inf) adroper to run
‘fin (inf) enfin well, I mean
‘garde (inf) regarde imperative
un gnard (inf) mignard kid
un gnon (inf) oignon hit, blow
‘Jour   Bonjour Hello
las (archaic) hélas alas
man (inf) maman mom
Messieurs, ‘dames (greeting) Messieurs, Mesdames Sir, Ma’am
le Net   l’Internet internet
pitaine (fam) capitaine captain
Sandre (nickname) Alexandre  
‘Soir (greeting) Bonsoir Good evening
Soize (nickname) Françoise  
un steak   un beefsteak steak
tiot (inf) petiot tiny, teeny-weeny
Toine (nickname) Antoine  
la touffeur (archaic) Ă©touffer sweltering heat
un troquet (inf) un mastroquet café
tudieu (archaic) vertu (de) Dieu zounds

 These two aphereses are derogatory slang, for reference only. You should never say them.

boche alboche   German
ricain amĂ©ricain   American

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French aphereses

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