French music terms
Music is a language unto itself, and yet we need our own language to talk about it. The French names for musical genres are often the same as in English, but there's still plenty of French vocabulary to be learned.

On ira, de Zaz

On ira, de Zaz
Challenge your French listening comprehension with this fast-paced song. Below the video, click any line in the transcript for English translation and related grammar lessons.




Santé, de Stromae

Santé, de StromaeFrench videoDance along to Stromae's latest hit while practicing your French listening comprehension. This Lawless French Immersion video includes interactive subtitles.


Vive Henri IV ! Vive la France !

Vive Henri IV ! Vive la France !
This popular French song, also called Marche Henri IV and Vive le roi Henri, was written in the late 16th century to celebrate Le Bon Roi Henri (Good King Henry), who ended the Huguenot Wars and restored peace to France.



Voilà, de Barbara Pravi

Voilà de Barbara Pravi
France took second place at Eurovision 2021 with a beautiful song that offers numerous examples of the useful expression voilà. This video from Lawless French Immersion includes the lyrics as interactive subtitles.