Verbs without Prepositions

French verbs that do not require a preposition

French verbs w/o prepositions
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While many French verbs require a specific preposition in front of a noun or infinitive, others don’t – even when a preposition is needed in the English equivalent.

Verb + noun

apercevoir to catch sight of
appeler to call (someone)
approuver to approve of
attendre to wait for
chercher to look for
cĂŽtoyer to be next to
craindre to fear
demander to ask for
descendre to go down
devoir to owe (money)
Ă©couter to listen to
emmener to take
entendre to hear
envoyer to send
essayer to try on
estimer to assess, estimate
grignoter to nibble on
habiter (optional Ă ) to live in
ignorer to be unaware of
inviter to invite (someone)
mettre to put on
monter to go up, climb
payer to pay for
pleurer to cry about
prĂ©fĂ©rer to prefer
prier to pray to
puer to stink of
regarder to look at
reprocher qqch to criticize (s.o.) for s.t.
rĂ©ussir to succeed at, pull off
risquer to risk
sentir to smell of, to feel
soigner to take care of
subir to be subjected to
voir to see
vouloir to want

Verb + infinitive

Note that this construction may be equivalent to an English infinitive (e.g., to do) or a gerund (doing).

adorer to love to
aimer to like to
aller to go, to be going to(learn more)
avoir beau despite doing, however much (one) does
compter to expect, intend to
croire to think that(learn more)
daigner to deign, condescend to
dĂ©sirer to want to
dĂ©tester to hate ___-ing
devoir must, to have to, be obliged to(learn more)
Ă©couter to listen to
entendre to hear ___-ing(verbs of perception)
espĂ©rer to hope to
ĂȘtre censĂ© to be supposed to
faillir to almost do something(learn more)
faire to make (s.o.) do(causative construction)
falloir to be necessary to(learn more)
se figurer to imagine, picture ___-ing
s’imaginer to imagine ___-ing
laisser to allow/let (s.o.) do
nier to deny ___-ing
oser to dare to
paraĂźtre to appear to
penser to plan on, intend to
pouvoir to be able to(learn more)
prĂ©fĂ©rer to prefer to
prĂ©tendre to claim to
regarder to watch (s.o.) ___-ing(verbs of perception)
savoir to know how to(learn more)
sembler to seem to
sentir to feel (s.o.) ___-ing(verbs of perception)
souhaiter to wish to
valoir mieux  to be preferable to
voir to see (s.o.) ___-ing(verbs of perception)
vouloir to want to

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French verbs that do not require prepositions

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