Merci de vs Merci pour

Merci de or merci pour
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Thank you for …

There are various ways to say thank you in French which you can use as you like, but when naming whatever is it that you’re thankful for, there’s a bit of grammar involved. Depending on what the thing actually is, you must choose between two prepositions:

1) To thank someone for a noun, use pour:

Merci beaucoup pour les vêtements. Thank you very much for the clothes.
Je te remercie pour le déjeuner. Thank you for lunch.
Je tiens à vous exprimer notre gratitude pour votre gentillesse. I wish to express our gratitude for your kindness.
Remerciez-la de ma part pour les livres. Thank her for me for the books.
En vous remerciant pour votre assistance, nous espérons … Thanking you for your assistance, we hope …

2) Use de to thank someone for doing something (expressed with the French infinitive or past infinitive):

C’est gentil de votre part de le dire. It’s kind of you to say so.
Je te remercie de l’avoir trouvé. Thank you for finding it.
Merci de m’avoir accompagné. Thank you for accompanying me.
Merci mille fois de nous avoir aidés. Thanks a million for helping us.
En vous remerciant de m’avoir parlé, je voudrais … Thanking you for speaking to me, I’d like to …

 De is also sometimes used with abstract nouns and sounds more elegant.

Merci bien de votre assistance. Thank you for your help.
Merci de toutes vos bontés. Thank you for all your kindness.
Je vous remercie du soutien. Thank you for your support.
Merci de votre attention. Thanks for your attention.

 When saying thank you to a friend, you might also do les bises.

 Gratitude-Themed Grammar Quiz

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Merci de vs merci pour

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