Laisser – to leave, let

Laisser - French verb
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French (Verb) Leave

The regular –er verb laisser means "to leave" or "to let." It’s often used as a semi-auxiliary verb as well as in many expressions.

Laisser = to leave

Laisser with a direct object means "to leave" in the sense of leaving someone / something somewhere.

Par exemple…

Ne laissez que des empreintes.   Leave only footprints.
Je laisse la clĂ© sous le paillasson.   I’m leaving the key under the doormat.
Maxime m’a laissĂ© pour un artiste.   Maxime left me for an artist.
Tu peux me laisser devant l’Ă©cole ?   Can you leave me (drop me off) at school?

Or leaving someone/something in a certain state.

Par exemple…

Laisse la fenĂȘtre entrouverte.   Leave the window half-open.
Tu me laisses toujours de bonne humeur.   You always leave me in a good mood.
Ce film m’a laissĂ© indiffĂ©rent.   That movie left me unmoved.

Laisser = to lose

Laisser can also mean "to lose" something vital.

Par exemple…

Trop de soldats laissent un bras ou une jambe.   Too many soldiers lose an arm or leg.
Un pompier a laissĂ© sa vie hier.   A fire fighter lost his life yesterday.

Laisser = semi-auxiliary verb

Laisser + infinitive means "to let (someone) do (something)."

Par exemple…

Tu dois me laisser Ă©tudier.   You need to let me study.
Laisse-moi t’accompagner.   Let me go with you.

Se laisser

The reflexive verb se laisser means “to let oneself be / become / get.”

Par exemple…

Je me suis laissĂ© duper.   I let myself get fooled.
Ne vous laissez pas surprendre.   Don’t let yourselves be surprised.

Expressions with laisser

Laisser is found in many expressions, including

  • laisser tomber – to drop
  • laisser Ă  dĂ©sirer – to leave something to be desired
  • laisser en plan – to abandon
  • se laisser aller – to let oneself go

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Laisser - to leave, to let

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