Jusque jusqu'à
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French Preposition

The French preposition jusque is a little bit weird. The meaning is simple enough – "until" – but it is almost never used on its own. Instead, it is generally followed by another preposition or an adverb, and when that word begins with a vowel, the two words elide.

Jusqu’à is the most common elision: a preposition that means "until" or "to."

Par exemple…

J’ai travaillé jusqu’à 16h.   I worked until 4pm.
Jusqu’à présent, on n’a pas de nouvelles.   So far, we don’t have any news.

When followed by a definite article, à follows the normal contraction rules.

Par exemple…

Il prend le bus jusqu’au centre-ville.   He’s taking the bus (to) downtown.
Continuez jusqu’aux feux.   Continue until the stoplights.

Jusqu’à ce que is a subordinating conjunction that requires the subjunctive.

Par exemple…

Attends ici jusqu’à ce que je revienne.   Wait here until I come back.
On va marcher jusqu’à ce que les enfants soient fatigués.   We’re going to walk until the children are tired.

Jusque can also be followed by other prepositions, and elides with them when necessary.

Par exemple…

J’évite l’actualité jusqu’après les élections.   I’m avoiding the news until after the elections.
Tu dois conduire jusque chez elle.   You have to drive to her place.
Il a connu un succès fou jusque dans les années 90.   He was wildly successful into the 90s.
Je veux prendre le train jusqu’en Italie.   I want to take the train into Italy.
La barrière continue jusqu’entre les deux maison.   The fence continues between the two houses.
Elle t’a attendu jusque passé 22h.   She waited for you until after 10pm.
Ses cheveux pendent jusque sous sa taille.   Her hair hangs down below her waist.
La route s’élève jusque sur une colline.   The road goes up a hill.
La neige ne fondra pas jusque vers fin avril.   The snow won’t melt until around the end of April.

Jusque can also be followed by an adverb of time or adverb of place.

Par exemple…

Jusqu’alors, je n’avais jamais compris la situation.   Until then, I’d never understood the situation.
Il m’a suivi jusqu’ici.   He followed me here (until I arrived here).
Tu peux continuer jusque là.   You can continue until there.
On va rester ici jusque demain.   We’re going to wait here until tomorrow.
Jusqu’hier, je n’en avais aucune idée.   I had no idea about it until yesterday.
Jusqu’où doit-on marcher ?   Where do we have to walk to?

 You might come across jusques in poetry. The meaning is the same and it can be followed by all the same things as jusque, but the spelling jusques is archaic.

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Jusque French preposition

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