Expressions with En (Adverbial Pronoun)

Je vais en manger une
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French Phrases

The French adverbial pronoun en usually replaces a quantity, a place, or the object of the preposition de. But not always: there are a number of verbs and expressions which include en with no apparent antecedent.

en être à   to be at a certain point, be part of
en pincer pour (inf)   to have a big crush (on)
en rester   to let the matter rest
en revenir à   to return to (previous topic)
en tenir pour   to have a crush on, fancy
en venir à   to (finally) be in a position to
en vouloir (inf)   to really want to win / succeed
en vouloir à qqun   to be mad at someone
n’en finir jamais de faire   to never stop doing
s’en aller   to go away
s’en faire   to worry
s’en prendre à qqun   to lay into, attack someone
s’en rapporter à   to rely on
s’en retourner (archaic)   to journey back, return
s’en revenir (archaic)   to come back
s’en tenir à   to limit oneself to
s’en venir (archaic)   to come, approach
ce qu’il en coûte   what it costs
J’en peux plus.   I can’t take any more.
Je vous en prie.   You’re welcome. (Literally, I beg you about it.)
ne pas en revenir   to not be able to get over something

 Though it seems redundant, the following expressions can include en as well as de + noun.

c’en est fait de   that’s the end of
en avoir assez (de)   to have had enough (of)
en avoir marre (de) (familiar)   to be fed up (with)
en avoir ras le bol (de) (informal)   to have had it up to here (with)
qu’en est il de     what of, what about

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En - adverbial French expressions

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