France Channel Streaming

France ChannelFrench videoWant to work on your French while watching classic movies and diving into new series? France Channel is the #1 streaming platform dedicated to French culture, history, and entertainment, and the 4,000+ features include English subtitles to help you improve your French comprehension.

Games, Sports, Hobbies

French hobbies, sports, and games
Even if you love working on your French, sometimes you just need to play! Learn the French equivalents of your favorite games, sports, and hobbies and the verbs to use with them.



French movie terms
Lights! Camera! Action (verbs)! Learn French vocabulary related to movies, cinemas, and the Cannes film festival.

TV for Listening Practice

French TV
Watching TV is a great way to practice listening to French while learning about French culture. Here's how to access French TV from anywhere in the world, along with links to some popular series.