Francophonie Project

Long-Term French Class Activity

Francophonie project
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Researching a francophone region or country and writing a report or country study is an interesting project for French classes or for independent studiers looking to spice up their self-instruction. This project is perfect as a long-term activity for intermediate and advanced students, though it can also be adapted for beginners.


Research a Francophone region or country and create a report / study.


  • Assign a French-speaking region or country to each student, or allow them to choose from a list.
  • Pass out a list of required/optional sections, the desired length, and any other guidelines.
  • Students write up and turn in reports, with labeled sections for intermediate/advanced projects.
  • Students make a presentation on their country/region, and provide a brochure or other handout.


This project can be done by individual students, pairs, or groups.

Regions vs Countries

Teacher can choose category, such as all francophone countries, only French-speaking African countries, or regions of France.

Sections and Elements

Geography (e.g., continent, major cities, rivers/lakes, borders, maps), history, current events, imports/exports, population, languages, regional expressions, food, literature, famous people, weather, traditions, fashion, sports, technology, religion, education…


At least 6 sections.


  1. Beginners: Pass out a worksheet with section titles and have students do research and fill in the blanks.
  2. Intermediates: Assign sections and have students research and write up a report.
  3. Advanced: Assign some sections and allow students to pick a others from a list; have them write a page or two on things like what they knew/thought about the country before they started, what they like/dislike about the region, how the region compares to their own country.


  • Comparisons: One student might compare religion in the different countries/regions, while another looks at fashion and a third at food.
  • Detailed comparisons: Student compares own region with one or more of the others.
  • Summaries: Teacher could provide a set of handouts (one for each country, with section titles) for students to fill in while listening to the presentations, so that each student ends up with a sheet of salient facts on each country.
  • Francophone party: After the presentations, students could share a regional dish from each country, listen to music, discuss travels, etc.


A regional or country study is an excellent means of using French while simultaneously learning about the world of Francophonie. The reports can be put together as a sort of encyclopedia of francophone countries and regions.

This project is great for independent students too!

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French speaking countries project

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