Verbs with vers

French verbs requiring a preposition

French verbs with prepositions
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A few French verbs require the preposition vers in front of a noun.

aller vers (Paris)
aller vers (18h00)
  to go toward (Paris)
to go at around (6pm)
arriver vers (20h00)   to arrive at around (8pm)
s’avancer vers   to move toward / head for
se diriger vers   to move toward / head for
être vers (Toulouse)
être vers (Toulouse)  
  to be near (Toulouse)
to be around (10am)
marcher vers   to move toward / head for
mener vers   to move / lead toward
regarder vers (l’est)   to face / look (east)
rouler vers (le nord, Nice)   to drive toward (the north, Nice)
tendre la main vers (le livre)   to stretch out one’s hand toward (the book)
tourner vers (la gauche)   to turn to (the left)
traduire vers (le français)   to translate into (French)

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French verbs with vers

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