Entre - French preposition
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French preposition

The French preposition entre usually means "between" or "among."

1) Between (literally)

s’asseoir entre eux   to sit between them
entre Paris et Nice   between Paris and Nice
entre parenthèses   in (between) parentheses

2) Between (figuratively)

entre toi et moi, entre nous   between you and me, between us
entre 8h et midi   between 8am and noon
choisir entre rouge et bleu   to choose between red and blue

3) Among

être entre amis   to be among / with friends
se parler entre eux   to speak among themselves
entre autres   among other things / among others

4) Of / Out of

l’un d’entre nous   one (out) of us
le meilleur d’entre eux   the best (out) of them
beaucoup d’entre vous*   many of you

 * The verb that follows has to be conjugated in the third person (e.g., sont), rather than the second person (êtes). See the "Disruptive d’entre" section of Verb misconjugation for details.

Be careful not to confuse the preposition entre with the verb entrer (to enter).

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French preposition entre

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