Joyeux anniversaire !

Joyeux anniversaire !
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French Expression

Meaning Happy birthday!
Literally Joyous birthday!
Register normal
Pronunciation [zhwa yeu zah ni vehr sehr]
IPA   [[ʒwa jø za ni vɛʀ sɛʀ]
(note the required liaison between the two words)

Usage notes: How do you say "happy birthday" in French? Joyeux anniversaire !

Par exemple…

Joyeux anniversaire !   Happy birthday!
Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire.   I wish you a very happy birthday.

Birthday song

The French birthday song is sung to the same tune as its English counterpart:

Joyeux anniversaire !
Joyeux anniversaire !
Joyeux an – ni – ver – sai – re !*
Joyeux anniversaire !

*If you like, you can quickly sing the birthday person’s name here.

 Informally, you can apocope joyeux anniversaire to joyeux anniv.

Synonyms and related expressions

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Joyeux anniversaire
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