Vrais amis – J, K, L

Vrais amis
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True Friends

Vrais amis are French and English words that are spelled identically and mean the same thing – at least sometimes. See page one for more info.

Vrais amis starting with J

jaguarmasculine noun
jamboreemasculine noun
jargonmasculine noun
jazzmasculine noun
jockeymasculine noun
jubilationfeminine noun
judomasculine noun
junglefeminine noun
jurisprudencefeminine noun
jurymasculine noun
justificationfeminine noun
juxtapositionfeminine noun

Vrais amis starting with K

karmamasculine noun
kayakmasculine noun
kiltmasculine noun
kimonomasculine noun
kitchenettefeminine noun
kitschadjective, masculine noun
kiwimasculine noun
kleenexmasculine noun
koalamasculine noun
kumquatmasculine noun

Vrais amis starting with L

lactationfeminine noun
lactosemasculine noun
lamentationfeminine noun
lancefeminine noun
larynxmasculine noun
lasermasculine noun
lassitudefeminine noun
lassomasculine noun
latexmasculine noun
latitudefeminine noun
latrinesfeminine noun
liaisonfeminine noun
libidofeminine noun
lichenmasculine noun
lieutenantmasculine noun
ligamentmasculine noun
ligaturefeminine noun
limitationfeminine noun
lingeriefeminine noun
lionfeminine noun
liqueurfeminine noun
liquidationfeminine noun
lithiummasculine noun
lobemasculine noun
locomotionfeminine noun
locomotivefeminine noun
locutionfeminine noun
logomasculine noun
lotionfeminine noun
lotusmasculine noun
lucremasculine noun
luminescencefeminine noun

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French vocabulary - true friends

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