Vrais amis – Cactus to Combustion

Vrais amis
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True Friends

Vrais amis are French and English words that are spelled identically and mean the same thing – at least sometimes. See page one for more info.

Vrais amis starting with C

cactusmasculine noun
cagefeminine noun
calcificationfeminine noun
calciummasculine noun
caloriefeminine noun
calypsomasculine noun
camaraderiefeminine noun
camouflagemasculine noun
campmasculine noun
campusmasculine noun
canalmasculine noun
cancermasculine noun
candidaturefeminine noun
cantaloupmasculine noun
capitaladjective, masculine noun
capitulationfeminine noun
capsulefeminine noun
capturefeminine noun
carafefeminine noun
carameladjective, masculine noun
caratmasculine noun
carbonatemasculine noun
cardiganmasculine noun
cardinaladjective, masculine noun
caricaturefeminine noun
carnagemasculine noun
carnivoremasculine noun
cartilagemasculine noun
cartonmasculine noun
cascadefeminine noun
casinomasculine noun
cassettefeminine noun
castefeminine noun
castrationfeminine noun
cataloguemasculine noun
catamaranmasculine noun
catastrophefeminine noun
catharsisfeminine noun
cathodefeminine noun
causefeminine noun
cavalcadefeminine noun
caviarmasculine noun
cellulitefeminine noun
cellulosefeminine noun
censurefeminine noun
certificationfeminine noun
certitudefeminine noun
chagrinmasculine noun
championmasculine noun
chaosmasculine noun
chaperonmasculine noun
charadefeminine noun
charlatanmasculine noun
chauffeurmasculine noun
chignonmasculine noun
chinchillamasculine noun
chintzmasculine noun
chromemasculine noun
chromosomemasculine noun
cigarettefeminine noun
circuitmasculine noun
clammasculine noun
clanmasculine noun
clarificationfeminine noun
classificationfeminine noun
clientmasculine noun
clonemasculine noun
coagulantmasculine noun
coagulationfeminine noun
coalitionfeminine noun
cobaltmasculine noun
cobramasculine noun
codemasculine noun
coefficientmasculine noun
cognitionfeminine noun
colamasculine noun
collaborationfeminine noun
collagemasculine noun
collationfeminine noun
collectionfeminine noun
collisionfeminine noun
collusionfeminine noun
colonelmasculine noun
colorationfeminine noun
comamasculine noun
combatmasculine noun
combustibleadjective, masculine noun
combustionfeminine noun

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French vocabulary - true friends

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