Vrais amis – Badge to Bungalow

Vrais amis
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True Friends

Vrais amis are French and English words that are spelled identically and mean the same thing – at least sometimes. See page one for more info.

Vrais amis starting with B

badgemasculine noun
badmintonmasculine noun
bafflemasculine noun
balletmasculine noun
balsamasculine noun
bandagemasculine noun
banditmasculine noun
banjomasculine noun
banquetmasculine noun
barbecuemasculine noun
bargefeminine noun
baronmasculine noun
barracudamasculine noun
barragemasculine noun
barricadefeminine noun
basefeminine noun
bastionfeminine noun
bazookamasculine noun
beigeadjective, masculine noun
biblefeminine noun
bicarbonatemasculine noun
bicepsmasculine noun
bikinimasculine noun
bilefeminine noun
biscuitmasculine noun
bisonmasculine noun
bistromasculine noun
blazermasculine noun
blizzardmasculine noun
boamasculine noun
bonusmasculine noun
boomerangmasculine noun
boulevardmasculine noun
bouquetmasculine noun
bourgeoisadjective, noun
boycottmasculine noun
braceletmasculine noun
branmasculine noun
brigadefeminine noun
brigandmasculine noun
brochurefeminine noun
bronzemasculine noun
brutefeminine noun
budgetmasculine noun
bungalowmasculine noun

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French vocabulary - true friends

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