Vrais amis – Macabre to Mystique

Vrais amis
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True Friends

Vrais amis are French and English words that are spelled identically and mean the same thing – at least sometimes. See page one for more info.

Vrais amis starting with M

macabre adjective
machination feminine noun
machine feminine noun
macho masculine noun
maestro masculine noun
magazine masculine noun
magenta adjective, masculine noun
magnitude feminine noun
magnolia masculine noun
maintenance feminine noun
majorette feminine noun
malachite feminine noun
malaria feminine noun
malnutrition feminine noun
malt masculine noun
manifestation feminine noun
manipulation feminine noun
mannequin masculine noun
manufacture feminine noun
marathon masculine noun
margarine feminine noun
marginal adjective
marina feminine noun
marinade feminine noun
marital adjective
maritime adjective
marsupial adjective, masculine noun
martial adjective
martyr noun
massacre masculine noun
massage masculine noun
matrimonial adjective
maturation feminine noun
mauve adjective, masculine noun
maximum adjective, masculine noun
mayonnaise feminine noun
membrane feminine noun
menace feminine noun
menstruation feminine noun
mental adjective
menthol masculine noun
mention feminine noun
mentor masculine noun
message masculine noun
mezzanine feminine noun
microbe masculine noun
micron masculine noun
microphone masculine noun
microscope masculine noun
migraine feminine noun
migrant adjective, masculine noun
migration feminine noun
militant adjective, masculine noun
millet masculine noun
million masculine noun
miniature adjective, feminine noun
minimal adjective
minimum adjective, masculine noun
minuscule adjective
minute feminine noun
miracle masculine noun
mirage masculine noun
misanthrope noun
missile masculine noun
mission feminine noun
mixture feminine noun
mobile adjective, masculine noun
modal adjective, masculine noun
mode masculine noun
modem masculine noun
modifiable adjective
modification feminine noun
modulation feminine noun
module masculine noun
mohair masculine noun
monochrome adjective
monologue masculine noun
monotone adjective
monument masculine noun
monumental adjective
moral adjective
morgue feminine noun
morose adjective
morphine feminine noun
mortification feminine noun
motel masculine noun
motivation feminine noun
moustache feminine noun
mucus masculine noun
mule feminine noun
multiple adjective, masculine noun
multiplication feminine noun
multitude feminine noun
municipal adjective
munitions feminine noun
muscle masculine noun
musculature feminine noun
musical adjective
mutant adjective, masculine noun
mutation feminine noun
mutilation feminine noun
mystifcation feminine noun
mystique feminine noun

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French vocabulary - true friends

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