Vrais amis – True Friends – Q, R

Vrais amis
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True Friends

Vrais amis are French and English words that are spelled identically and mean the same thing – at least sometimes. See page one for more info.

Vrais amis starting with Q

quadrantmasculine noun
quadrupleadjective, masculine noun
qualificationfeminine noun
quantummasculine noun
quarkmasculine noun
quartzmasculine noun
quasarmasculine noun
quatrainmasculine noun
questionfeminine noun
questionnairemasculine noun
quichefeminine noun
quininefeminine noun
quintessencefeminine noun
quintupleadjective, masculine noun
quotamasculine noun

Vrais amis starting with R

radarmasculine noun
radianmasculine noun
radiationfeminine noun
radicaladjective, masculine noun
radiofeminine noun
radiummasculine noun
radiusmasculine noun
radonmasculine noun
raidmasculine noun
ramificationfeminine noun
ranchmasculine noun
ratmasculine noun
ratificationfeminine noun
ratiomasculine noun
rationfeminine noun
ravinefeminine noun
recognitionfeminine noun
reconstitutionfeminine noun
reconstructionfeminine noun
rectanglemasculine noun
rectitudefeminine noun
referendummasculine noun
refugemasculine noun
regretmasculine noun
relaxationfeminine noun
religionfeminine noun
reproductionfeminine noun
reptilemasculine noun
respectmasculine noun
respirationfeminine noun
restaurantmasculine noun
restitutionfeminine noun
restrictionfeminine noun
retrievermasculine noun
revolvermasculine noun
rhododendronmasculine noun
ricochetmasculine noun
rictusmasculine noun
ridiculemasculine noun
ripostefeminine noun
rivaladjective, masculine noun
robotmasculine noun
roseadjective, noun
rotationfeminine noun
rotormasculine noun
routinefeminine noun
royaltiesfeminine plural noun
rugbymasculine noun
rumbafeminine noun
ruminationfeminine noun
rupturefeminine noun
rusefeminine noun
rutabagamasculine noun

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French vocabulary - true friends

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