French rugby terms
Rugby football is a popular sport in much of the world. There's an annual Six Nations Championship and every four years there's the Rugby World Cup. Here's some French vocabulary to help you get the most out of any rugby matches you might watch or play.


French skating terms
Skating can be a fun way to exercise or a cutthroat competition. Here's some French vocabulary you might find useful when hitting the rink or watching the Winter Olympics.


French soccer terms
World Cup, European Championship, Saturday morning at the park ... whenever and wherever you watch or play soccer / football, this French vocab can help you out.


Swimming in French
Swimming is great exercise as well as a fun way to cool off on a hot day. Learn all the French vocabulary you'll need to enjoy swimming in a lake, ocean, or pool.

Tennis Terms

French tennis terms
Tennis, anyone? No matter if you love to play or just enjoy watching, knowing some essential French tennis vocabulary will make the game a lot more interesting.

Vacances de ski au Québec

Vacances de ski au Québec
Bien que le sud du Québec soit situé à peu près à la même latitude que la ville de Bordeaux en France, la province bénéficie en hiver de courants subarctiques venus directement du Grand Nord qui lui valent entre trois cents et quatre cents centimètres de neige à chaque saison.



French volleyball terms
Whether on an indoor court or at the beach, competitive volleyball is played by two teams of six players. Informally, the teams can be any size or even one-on-one and require minimal equipment. Check out this list of French volleyball terms to enjoy playing or watching this popular game.


French wrestling terms
Wrestling is one of the world's oldest combat sports, dating back to prehistory (as seen in cave paintings) and featured in the Olympics as far back as 704 BC. Here is a long but not comprehensive list of common French wrestling terms.