Noël sous la neige

Noël sous la neige
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French Expression

Meaning white Christmas
Literally Christmas under the snow
Register normal
Pronunciation [nuh ehl soo la nehzh]
IPA   [nɔ ɛl su la nɛʒ]

Usage notes: Carolers and kids may be the most vocal proponents of a white Christmas, but many people appreciate the beauty of snow on 25 December. Depending where you live, celebrating Christmas "under the snow" might be a regular occurrence or an occasional surprise.

  Other uses: The expression sous la neige isn’t limited to Christmas
  • un village sous la neige – a snow-covered town
  • une forêt sous la neige – snow-covered forest
  • toute la région est sous la neige – the whole region is covered in snow
  • Paris va être sous la neige – Paris will be blanketed with snow
  • ma voiture est ensevelie sous la neige – my car is buried under snow

Opposite expression: Noël au balcon, Pâques au tison

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