Ce n’est pas mardi gras aujourd’hui

Ce n'est pas mardi gras
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French Expression

Meaning what you’re wearing is ridiculous, you’re dressed like a clown
Literally today isn’t Mardi Gras
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Pronunciation [seu nay pah mar dee grah oh joor dwee]
IPA   [sə ne pa maʁ di gʁa o ʒuʁ dwi]

Usage notes: The French expression ce n’est pas mardi gras aujourd’hui is used to tease someone who is wearing something ridiculous. Mardi Gras is famous for crazy costumes and elaborate masks – pretty much the more flamboyant, the better. But on any other day of the year, wearing something outrageous is likely to be mocked.

Par exemple…

Élise, qu’est-ce que tu portes ? Ce n’est pas mardi gras aujourd’hui !   Élise, what on earth are you wearing? You look ridiculous!

Related expression: se croire à mardi gras – literally “to believe oneself (to be) at Mardi Gras”

Il se croit à mardi gras.   He’s dressed as if she’s at Mardi Gras, He looks ridiculous.

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Ce n'est pas mardi gras aujourd'hui
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