Homophones – D

French homophones
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Les homophones : D

Homophones are two or more words with the same pronunciation but different meanings and (often) different spellings.

D | dé | des

La quatrième lettre de l’alphabet est « d Â».
The fourth letter of the alphabet is “d.”

Tu as besoin d’un dĂ© ? Il y a des dĂ©s sur la table.
Do you need a die? There are some dice on the table.
Indefinite article

Voici des pâtes des amis de Marie.
Here is some pasta from Marie’s friends (from the friends of Marie).
Partitive article

dans | d’en | dent

Mon dentiste a trouvĂ© trois caries dans une dent de devant et n’arrĂŞte jamais d’en parler !
My dentiste found three cavities in a front tooth and never stops talking about it!
En – adverbial pronoun

davantage | d’avantage(s)

Il y a beaucoup d’avantages mais j’en voulais davantage.
There are a lot of advantages but I wanted more (of them).

de | deux

Je connais deux médicins de Finlande.
I know two doctors from Finland.

 Technically, since deux and de have different IPA symbols ([dø] and [də], respectively), they’re not homophones, but their pronunciation is essentially identical – except when it comes to the e instable.

dégoûter | dégoutter

L’eau qui va dĂ©goutter de la table va te dĂ©gouter.
The water that’s going to drip from the table is going to disgust you.

dengue | dingue

C’est dingue que tu aies eu la dengue quatre fois !
It’s crazy that you’ve had dengue fever four times!

dessein | dessin

J’ai le dessein de refaire le dessin.
I intend to redo the drawing.

différend | différent

Nous avons un différend dû aux différents points de vue.
We have a difference of opinion due to differing points of view.

don | dont

C’est la fille dont je t’ai parlĂ©, qui a un don pour le violon.
That’s the girl I talked to you about, who has a gift for (playing) the violin.
Relative pronoun

du | dĂ»

J’aurais dĂ» manger du pain du restaurant italian.
I should have eaten some bread from the Italian restaurant.
Past participle of devoir
Partitive article

French Homophones

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French homophones

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