The Subjunctivisor!

Does falloir require the subjunctive?

Yes, falloir requires the subjunctive:

Par exemple…

Il faut que tu ailles à la police.
You must go to the police.

Il ne faut pas que tu ailles à la police.
You mustn’t go to the police.

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2 Responses

  1. Kevin Baughen 9 November 2017 / 12:27

    Confused! (as usual – apologies) This page is pretty clear – we have to use the subjunctive when using falloir… but what is the difference please between the example above: Il faut que tu ailles à la police and the example given on the Falloir lesson page (https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/falloir-lesson/): Il faut vendre la voiture (or il me faut vendre ma voiture) … which don’t take the subjunctive

    Can anyone shed some light please? Thanks in advance KB

    • lkl 10 November 2017 / 6:49

      Bonjour Kevin,

      Il faut que tu vendes la voiture and Il te faut vendre la voiture mean the same thing; the one with the subjunctive is perhaps a tiny bit stronger, more like a command than a comment.

      In comparison, Il faut vendre la voiture isn’t directed specifically any anyone, it’s more of a general observation.