Dormir – Partir – Sortir Conjugation Pattern

3 Irregular French Verbs

with a similar conjugation pattern

Dormir, partir, sortir conjugations
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In the present tense, the irregular –ir verbs dormir (to sleep), partir (to leave), and sortir (to go out) are conjugated according to the same pattern:

1. For singular conjugations (je, tu, il/elle/on), remove –ir plus the preceding consonant and add the endings.

2. For plural conjugations (nous, vous, ils/elles), remove –ir and add the endings.

Endings   Dormir   Partir   Sortir
-s   je dors   je pars   je sors
-s   tu dors   tu pars   tu sors
-t   il dort   il part   il sort
-ons   nous dormons   nous partons   nous sortons
-ez   vous dormez   vous partez   vous sortez
-ent   ils dorment   ils partent   ils sortent

 Derivatives (endormir, repartir, etc) follow the same pattern.

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French verb conjugations

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