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French Expressions Without Delay

Sans parapluie
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The French preposition sans, “without,” is found in many idiomatic expressions, including penniless, right away, and unbiased. Learn these and dozens of other French expressions featuring sans.

Sans translations

  • without
  • non-
  • un-
  • -less

Proverbs with sans

Il ne court point de bruit sans quelque fondement.   There’s no smoke without a fire.
Il n’y a pas d’effet sans cause.   Cause and effect
Il n’y a point de fumée sans feu.   There’s no smoke without a fire.
Il n’y a pas de roses sans épines.   Every rose has its thorn.
On ne fait pas d’omelettes sans casser des œufs.   You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.
Que celui qui est sans péché lui jette la première pierre.   Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Expressions with sans

sans abri   homeless
sans argent penniless
sans arrêt   non-stop
sans attendre right away
sans aucun doute without a doubt
sans blague seriously, all kidding aside, no kidding
sans broncher without flinching
sans but aimless
sans ça (informal) otherwise
sans cesse constantly, continuously, incessantly
sans-cœur heartless
sans chaussures barefoot
sans culottes ~without fancy underwear (reference to militant republicans in the French Revolution)
sans délai   without delay, immediately
sans domicile fixe homeless
sans doute doubtless, no doubt
sans effort easily, effortlessly
sans égal   unequaled, peerless
sans faute without fail
sans-gêne inconsiderate
sans mal without any difficulty
sans même + noun or infinitive without even + noun or ___-ing
sans mère motherless
sans nul doute without a doubt
sans oublier last but not least
sans père fatherless
sans plus that’s it, no more than that
sans plus attendre without further delay
sans préjugés unbiased
sans que + subjunctive
sans qu’il le sache
without + ___ing
without him knowing
sans quoi (informal) otherwise
sans repos   relentless, without stopping
sans le savoir unknowingly, unwittingly
sans soin careless
sans souci carefree
sans le vin (menu) not including wine
sans se le faire dire deux fois without having to be told twice
boire sans soif to drink without being thirsty
être sans argent to be penniless
jamais deux sans trois everything happens in threes
J’y crois sans y croire. I believe it and I don’t.
non sans not without
les sans abri the homeless
sans dents
les sans-dents

the poor
les sans domicile fixe (SDF) the homeless
un/e sans-emploi unemployed person
le sans-façon casualness, offhandedness
le sans-faute faultless performance, something impeccable
un sans-fil cordless phone
un/e sans-grade enlisted man/woman;
underling, peon, small fry
les sans-le-sou the have-nots, penniless
les sans-logis the homeless
un/e sans-papiers illegal immigrant
un/e sans-parti (politics) independent
un/e sans-patrie   person without nationality
un/e sans-soin (archaic) careless person
un/e sans-souci (archaic) carefree, happy-go-lucky person
un/e sans-travail unemployed person
les sans-voix people with no voice

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French expressions with sans

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