Ça y est

Ça y est
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Essential French Expression

Meaningthat’s good, all done, here we go, lo and behold
Literallythat is there
PronunciationFrench sound files [sah yay]
IPA  [sa jɛ]

Usage notes: The ubiquitous French expression ça y est is a quick and easy way to ask whether something is completed, or state that it is.

Par exemple…

(après une explication) Ça y est ? Is that good? Do you understand? Do you need more?
Ça y est, tu es prêt ? OK, are you ready?
Ça y est, merci. All done, thank you.
Ça y est, j’ai fini mon essai ! That’s it, I finished my essay!

It can also be used when something that had been missing is found …

Ça y est, j’ai retrouvé mes clés. Here we go, I found my keys.
Ça y est, je m’en souviens maintenant. That’s it, I remember now.

… or when something that had stopped is going again:

Ça y est, ils se disputent encore. That’s it, they’re fighting again.
Ça y est, ça recommence ! Here we go again!

French lesson plans Ça y est in action

Examples of ça y est in real-life videos from Lawless French Immersion:

Eh bien ça y est, nous avons traboulé. Well that’s it, we have "trabouled."
Video: Secret passages: the traboules of Lyon
Ça y est, j’ai trouvé mon logement en France. That’s it, I’ve found my accommodation in France.
Video: Student housing in France: what are the options?

Somewhat synonymous

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Ça y est, j'ai terminé

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