Ça alors

Ça alors, c'est formidable !
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Informal French Expression

Meaning how about that, my goodness
Literally that then
Register informal
Pronunciation [sah ah luhr]
IPA   [sa a lɔʀ]

  Don’t contract the two words into [sah luhr] – both a’s must be pronounced separately with a tiny pause between them.

Usage notes: Ça alors is an exclamative French phrase that can indicate any of a variety of medium-strong reactions: pleasure, incredulity, indignation, etc. It doesn’t really mean anything in and of itself, but rather draws attention to what comes next, or reacts to what was just said.

Par exemple…

– Nous allons faire le tour du monde.
– Ça alors, c’est formidable !
  – We’re going to take a trip around the world.
– How about that! / Hey, that’s great! 
– La femme de Christian l’a viré.
– Ça alors, je lui avait dit d’arrêter ses aventures !
  – Christian’s wife kicked him out.
– Well, really, I told him to stop fooling around!
Ça alors ! Je n’ai jamais vu une voiture si compliquée.   My goodness! I’ve never seen such a complicated car.

 Somewhat synonymous

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Ça alors
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