United States (of America)

US states in French
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Les États-Unis (d’Amérique)

Though the above is the proper translation, the French often just say les USA. Likewise, most US states keep their names in French, while a few undergo slight Frenchification. And of course, being nouns, they have gender in French: all but nine are masculine.

Californiala Californie
Coloradole Colorado
Connecticutle Connecticut
Delawarele Delaware
Floridala Floride
Georgiala Géorgie
Kansasle Kansas
Kentuckyle Kentucky
Louisianala Louisiane
Mainele Maine
Marylandle Maryland
Massachusettsle Massachusetts
Michiganle Michigan
Minnesotale Minnesota
Mississippile Mississippi
Missourile Missouri
Montanale Montana
Nebraskale Nebraska
Nevadale Nevada
New Hampshirele New Hampshire
New Jerseyle New Jersey
New Mexicole Nouveau-Mexique
New Yorkl’État de New York**
North Carolinala Caroline du Nord
North Dakotale Dakota du Nord
Pennsylvaniala Pennsylvanie
Rhode Islandle Rhode Island
South Carolinala Caroline du Sud
South Dakotale Dakota du Sud
Tennesseele Tennessee
Texasle Texas
Vermontle Vermont
Virginiala Virginie
Washingtonl’État de Washington**
West Virginiala Virginie-Occidentale
Wisconsinle Wisconsin
Wyomingle Wyoming

 * Like most islands, Hawaï does not take an article.

** The names for these two states include État de to distinguish them from New York City and Washington D.C., respectively. The latter is called simply Washington in French.

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