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This site is packed with thousands of pages to help you learn, practice, and improve your French, which can definitely be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to use Lawless French to learn French.

Lawless French for Beginners is a self-study course divided into 30 loosely themed units consisting of

These units are arranged in a logical study order, with each week’s lessons building upon previous topics.

When you click into any lesson, you’ll notice that there are many links within the lesson and/or at the end of it. Some of these links are part of the course and some aren’t – what’s the difference?

Links within lessons

Links within lessons are for clarification. For example, in the introduction to French nouns, the first paragaph includes a link to parts of speech, which is a grammar term you may or may not be familiar with. If you are, you’re not required to follow the link to complete the lesson on nouns – it’s there for anyone who might be unfamiliar with the term, or who is interested in learning about them before that lesson is addressed later in the course.

Links at the end of lessons

There may be up to three types of links at the end of any given lesson: additional pages of the lesson, practice pages, and related features.

1) Additional pages for a lesson are usually denoted both by page numbers and by text links. That means they are a continuation of the lesson, so you should click them in order to complete the lesson you’re working on. On rare occasions, such as in my lessons on articles, the different pages cover separate but related topics (in this case, three different types of articles) and do not need to be studied all at the same time. Again, they will be featured later in the course, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

2) Practice pages are usually quizzes, which you should definitely take in order to determine how well you’ve mastered the topic. There may also be reading and/or listening comprehension, which is recommended but not required.

3) Related features are also optional: they provide access to additional information for the curious and for anyone who feels like going above and beyond.

The bottom line

In summary, the only links you have to follow are the numbered ones at the end of the lesson and quizzes. The rest are there in case you want to do more.

Ready to get started? Head on over to Lawless French for Beginners for info and advice on getting started and making the most of this course.

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