Y compris

Y compris
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Essential French Expression

Meaning including, included
Literally there included
Register normal
Pronunciation [ee ko(n) pree]
IPA   [i kɔ̃ pri]

Usage notes: The adverbial French expression y compris is the most idiomatic way to say "including":

Par exemple…

Ça coûte 25 € y compris les frais de livraison.   It costs €25 including shipping.
J’ai tout nettoyé, y compris les fenêtres.   I cleaned everything, including the windows.

Synomym: incluant (present participle of inclure – to include)

Y compris can also mean "included" – note that compris (the past participle of comprendre) acts an adjective here and must therefore agree with the noun it modifies.

Ça coûte 25 €, les frais de livraison y compris.   It costs €25, shipping included.
J’ai tout nettoyé, les fenêtres y comprises.   I cleaned everything, windows included.

Synonym: inclus (past participle of inclure)

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