Non Expressions

No in French - synonyms for non
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Negative French Phrases

The French word non means “no,” and is found in many expressions, including of course not, point-blank, and secrets. Learn these and other French expressions featuring non.

bah non(informal)well, no
ben non(informal)well, non
bien sûr que nonof course not
eh nonI’m afraid not
une fin de non-recevoirpoint-blank
Il faut manger pour vivre et non pas vivre pour manger.You have to eat to live and not live to eat.
je crois que nonI don’t think so
je ne dis pas nonI wouldn’t say no
mais nonof course not
moi nonnot me, I don’t
moi non plusme neither, neither do I
ne dire ni oui ni nonto not answer, to abstain
les non-ditssecrets
non et non !absolutely not!
non-initié(adjective)lay, uninformed
les non l’emportent(voting)the nays have it
non plusneither, not (that) either
non que + subjunctivenot that …
nul et non avenu(adjective)invalid, null and void
oui ou non ?(exasperated)… yes or no?
pleurer pour un oui ou pour un nonto cry over the slightest thing
le point de non-retourthe point of no return
que non !absolutely not!
répondre par oui ou par nonto answer yes or no

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French expressions with non

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