Noël malin

Sneaky French Expression

Noël malin
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Meaning Christmas sales / bargains
Literally cunning Christmas
Register informal
Pronunciation French sound files [nuh ehl mah leh(n)]
IPA   [nɔ ɛl ma lɛ̃]

Usage notes: The informal French expression Noël malin refers to Christmas sales or bargains, and also plays on consumers’ vanity at the same time.

If you’re wondering what malin, which means "shrewd" or "cunning," has to do with Christmas, the answer is simple: it doesn’t. This expression isn’t describing Christmas or the sales, but rather you: the cunning consumer who is far too smart to pass up these amazing bargains. Or at least, that’s the idea. When a store says Noël malin, what they’re really saying is Noël (pour le) malin.

Par exemple…

Offres Noël malin   Christmas offers [for the savvy shopper]
Un Noël malin avec Boutique Xyz !   Don’t miss the amazing Christmas sales at Xyz Store!
Noël malin, Noël radin   Shrewd Christmas, cheap Christmas
Pour un Noël malin et écolo : des cadeaux recyclés   For an affordable [and cunning] and ecological Christmas: recycled gifts

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Noël malin

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