Finir Expressions

French expressions with finir
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Endless French Phrases

The French verb finir, "to finish," is found in many idiomatic expressions, including happy ending, endless, and it’s over. Learn these and many other French expressions featuring finir.

Finir translations

  • to complete
  • to conclude
  • to die
  • to end
  • to finish
  • to stop

Proverb with finir

Tout est bien qui finit bien.  All’s well that ends well.

Expressions with finir

en finir avec  to be done with
finir bien  to have a happy ending
finir dans la misère  to end up in poverty
finir (de faire)  to stop (doing)
finir en  to end in
finir en beauté  to finish brilliantly, end with a flourish
finir en fuseau  to taper
finir en queue de poisson  to come to an abrupt end, to end not with a bang but a whimper
finir mal  to come to a bad end
finir par  to end up, to ___ in the end
ne pas en finir de (informal)  to never stop ___ing
à n’en plus finir  never-ending, endless
bien fini  well-finished (clothing)
Ça manque de fini.  It needs a few finishing touches.
C’est fini.  It’s over.
et pour finir  and finally
Fini de rire maintenant.  The fun/joke is over now.
Finie la rigolade ! (informal)  Party’s over!
J’ai fini.  I am / have finished.
Je suis fini.  I am dead; I’m a has-been.
Il est temps que cela finisse.  It’s time to stop this.
mal fini  badly-finished (clothing)
On finit par aimer ça.  It’s an acquired taste.
pour finir finally
qui n’en finit pas  never-ending, endless, interminable
Tout cela va mal finir.  It will end in disaster.
Tout est fini entre nous.  It’s all over between us, We’re through.
Tout finit par des chansons.  Everything ends with a song.

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French expressions with finir

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