Coup de cœur

Un coup de cœur
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French Expression

Meaning crush, favorite
Literally heart blow
Register normal
Pronunciation French sound files [koo deu keur]
IPA   [ku də kœʀ]

Usage notes: The French expression un coup de cœur is often used in things like real estate listings. It’s like saying "you’ll have a crush on it!" Other possible translations are "you’ll love it" and "love at first sight," but with things rather than people.*

You can also use un coup de cœur in reference to a favorite book, movie, restaurant, etc.

Par exemple…

Appartement à deux chambres, balcon, cuisine américaine – un coup de cœur !   Two-bedroom apartment, balcony, open-plan kitchen – you’ll love it!
Notre coup de cœur à Strasbourg : Poêles de carottes   Our favorite (restaurant) in Strasbourg: Poêles de carottes


  • avoir un coup de cœur (pour) – to fall in love (with something)

 * For people, a crush is un béguin and love at first sight is un coup de foudre.

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Un coup de cœur

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