Trouver son bonheur

Trouver son bonheur
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French Expression

Meaning to find what one is looking for, to derive one’s happiness (in / from)
Literally to find one’s happiness
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Pronunciation [troo vay so(n) buh neur]
IPA   [tru ve sɔ̃ bɔ nœʁ]

Usage notes: The French expression trouver son bonheur is used both literally and figuratively. It can mean to search for and find something real, like a photo lost in a jumble of old souvenirs or the perfect shirt at a garage sale. Or it can refer to something a bit deeper, something abstract that makes you happy.

Par exemple…

Tu as trouvé ton bonheur dans ces cartons ?   Did you find what you were looking for in those boxes?
(dans un cours d’art)
Alors, vous avez trouvé votre bonheur ?
  (in an art class)
So, have you found happiness? Are you working on something that makes you happy?

  Trouver son bonheur usually refers to something fairly short-term or temporary, as opposed to trouver le bonheur which means “to find true happiness.”

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Trouver son bonheur
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